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Бельгийский художник Basile de Loose

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Бельгийский художник Basile de Loose (1809-1885)

The Newly Weds

Stately Visitors

De Lakemakers

The potterie seller

Village festival. 1838

The card player

By Candlelight

The firstborn. 1844

The School Room. 1861

Misbehaving children

Ash wednesday

The cabinet pictures. 1835

Family in interior. 1842

Artist in Studio with his children

The lacemaker

The old rake

The happy family. 1856

Baking waffles. 1853

A Special Buscuit. 1845

The Classromm

The Model Book

The Music Lesson. 1854

The Music Lesson. 1835

Portrait of a Woman. 1854

Portrait of a mother and child. 1841

Pleasant News. 1846-47

Playing with Baby. 1836

The Magic Viewer. 1859

Fatherly Advice. 1850s

The School Room. 1847

The Pranksters. 1847

Mischievous Boys. 1865

The Connoisseur

The Portrait of the Milk-Maid

Tuning the guitar. 1863

The School Room. 1862


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